A Solstice Mantra

Stillness | Peace | Beauty | Joy

I have found these words very sustaining over this Solstice period and they became a mantra. The energy around us is at it’s peak now. It is like being filled right up to the brim and yet still more is coming and spilling over.

What to do with it all?

We can allow ourself to grow. To absorb all this overflowing energy.

That is why it is there. Just as the fruits on the trees are plumping up with juices that will sustain the seed inside, so we can plump up our mental/spiritual body over this energetic summertime to store the ‘sun-food’ that will sustain our core self during the winter period.

How to work with this Mantra

Find a place where you can sit quietly and comfortably. Somewhere by an open window though outside works best. Choose a spot where you feel safe in your garden or, for the more adventurous, out in the woods with a favourite tree.

Now, just breathe:>) Sounds simple – and it is. Most of the time we breathe without thinking about it ‘cause it just happens automatically. But if we want to slow ourselves down and grow, we need to stop and think about what we are actually doing. We can take our cue from the plants around us. They are not rushing about; they put down roots, they watch the sun, and they just soak up the energy.

Let your breath become slower and deeper and as it does think about the word: Stillness. Just repeat the word ‘Stillness’ with each breath and let your core self relate to it. It might bring up other words like ‘calm’ or ‘serenity’; it might surround you with a colour such as a cooling pale blue; it might be an image of a sunset or a lake. We all work differently so find what is natural for you and just repeat the word ‘Stillness’ until your body starts to feel calmer and more still.

Then move on to the word Peace experimenting with other words it might invoke, or with colours and images that come to you. Let these help you find your own peace within.

The word Beauty is often something we see in other things and other people but we find it hard to see in our own self. But we are beauty-full, too. Our true core self is a thing of beauty and we can bring this through as we sit in Stillness and Peace. This is not about our body, this is about our soul self. As we work at this deep level, so we will find our own true beauty.

If we have been able to work with these words we will find the next word almost automatic; Joy. Joy rises inside us and bursts out rather like those time lapse images of flower buds opening. You might feel Joy like a bubble inside ready to burst, or like carbonated watere in a bottle that has just been opened and all the bubbles are leaping and sparkling.

Once you have experienced each of these words you will find that the feelings you have associated with them can be conjured up more quickly each time. You will be able to reach a state of Joy more quickly.

It is in this state of Joy that we feel our self growing and we become more able to soak up the energy that is so abundant around us.
Eventually the mantra starts to become obvious.

In time with our breath we say:
I find Stillness
I find Peace
I find Beauty
I find Joy

When we feel comfortable we can truly take ownership and say with confidence:
I am Stillness
I am Peace
I am Beauty
I am Joy