Healing the People, Healing the Land

I’m Donna Forbes. I am an alternative therapy practitioner working in the Chiltern Hills of Buckinghamshire. I use shamanic journeying, Reiki and crystal power to improve lives,  clear blockages, and remove unnecessary attachments from people and places. This leaves space that can be filled with universal love.

I am always cheered when I hear from people that they have discovered the joys of walking out in the wild places. For, when we connect with nature, we begin to feel more complete in ourselves. This is where healing begins.

Stop… breathe… listen…
Hear the birds sing,
Hear the wind
Through leaves of the trees.
Let your shoulders soften
And allow the burden
Of your thoughts
To slip down your spine
And into the Earth.
Feel the lightness of being.

My journey to become a shamanic practitioner was far from direct. The winding path I followed in my search for a spiritual purpose has led me through mysticism, Christianity, Humanism, and Druidry. The ancient Druids were the shamans of these Isles. Their stories, told in myth and legend, make it clear that they were familiar with Otherworldly journeying and contact with spiritual beings. This is the world of Shamanism.

When we come to realise that everything has a spiritual side, it changes the way we relate to what is around us. You can no longer cut down a tree without asking its permission. You no longer build a new housing estate without asking the land for permission. We have lost our ability to see the whole because we have lost our understanding of spirit. Until this rift is bridged both the people and the land will remain wounded and in need of healing.

Shamanism and Reiki are two paths working within the spiritual realms. Although Reiki is good at dealing with stuck or stagnant energy held within us, shamanic work allows us to seek the source and, where appropriate, sever it.

Riding on the rhythm of the drum, I seek the causes of any dis-ease.  Reiki then assists with the healing process.

Crystals are powerful allies. Forged in the Earth over millions of years, they come to us filled with deep Earth energy. Their colour and weight give us information about how they want to work with us.

A crystal healing session will be tailored to your specific needs and will give you the opportunity to relax and let the crystals do their healing work.

You don’t have to live in a gothic mansion to feel ‘spooked’ by a house. Some places just give us the shivers, or attract problems, or give us sleepless nights. There are many possible reasons from underground water to past use of the land such as an old boundary line.

Geomancy helps us to find the solution and change the discord to concord.