Shamanic Reiki

What is Shamanic Reiki?

This is a healing technique which combines Shamanic practice with Reiki healing. Once the shamanic work has been completed, Reiki helps to integrate it into the body. It is not necessary for you to journey yourself, this is the work I do on your behalf.

Every session will be different according to the needs of each client. It will start by clearing the energetic space around you before going deeper to find the root of the issue. This may involve removing unnecessary attachments, or in some cases, soul retrieval which may be needed after trauma or shock and leave us with a sense of being incomplete.

If you are feeling constantly run down or lacking in energy and yet your medical advisors have given you a clean bill of health, it may be that your spiritual body is in need of help.

One-to-One Meeting or Distant Healing

One-to-One Session

After our initial discussion, I will ask you to lie on the therapy couch. and get comfortable with pillows and blankets.

I will then drum softly as I start the journey on your behalf. There may be rattling or other sounds. There will be some hands on Reiki work.

During the session I will be making notes to discuss with you afterwards.

Distant Healing

Since this kind of healing work takes place on the spiritual level, it is not necessary to meet in person. I am happy to talk with you over the phone or Facetime to clarify what is troubling you and to decide if a shamanic session is the best way to proceed.

We will arrange  time for me to carry out a healing session and after this we will speak again to discuss the outcome.

Why I Work as a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

It was Druidry that led me to the shamanic path. Initially I learned my craft from Rob Wilson of Woodspirit. When Rob plays the drum, something magical happens, and I quickly discovered the joy and effectiveness of the journeying process. I joined the Wild Spirit Grove run by Christine Cleere who also worked with a more shamanic form of Druidry. I am happy to say that Christine has been my friend and mentor for many years.

I came to Reiki somewhat accidentally. I went along to a Reiki training weekend with Keri Manning-Dedman in support of a friend and was most surprised to find that Reiki started to ‘work’ for me. I went on to train in Reiki II and III and I am always amazed at the power of the healing it imparts.

Keri was also a trained shamanic practitioner and, with her husband Mark Dedman, they developed a method of bringing these two paths together very effectively. It soon became apparent to me that this is work I was meant to do.

If you would like Shamanic Reiki treatment

In most initial cases two treatments will be required. Allow one and a half hours for each session.
First consultation and treatment: £45
Follow on session within a month of first consultation : £30