Meadow Garden

Through The Meadow

There’s a beautifully meandering path that wends its way through July and August. From the solstice of the summer sun, passing the Lammas celebrations as the grain is gathered in and heading on towards the distant mists of autumn.

These are lush days filled with ever more green leaves and sprinklings of bright summer star flowers; with the buzz of bees and the chitter of crickets through the uncut grass. 

I have continued to work with the solstice mantra of Stillness, Peace, Beauty, Joy. For within Nature’s growth there is a place of stillness; in the buzzing activity of the insects there is peace; in the verdant land there is beauty; and in this gift off abundance there is joy.

There is still time to enjoy these long light evenings filled with the warmth of the waning sun. Like the ripening fruits, we can gather and store this sunlight within our own bodies. Let it flow through you, dance and sing with the trees and the flowers – they understand.

When we are joy-filled, we can’t help but express it in some way. Joy bubbles over like a wellspring. Nature always responds to such outpouring – feel that twirl of the breeze joining you in your dance? Hear that bird chirrup as you sing? 

Just the other day I was sitting in my garden and a chant arose within me. I sang it and, as I did so, a robin flew into the tree near me. When I stopped the robin sang to me. Then he stopped so I sang some more and again he replied. 

It is this sense of joy that is the corollary to negative news that is broadcast for so many hours of the day. I rarely watch. Instead, I look at headlines on-line to see if there is something important I should give time and prayers to but I do not listen to the detail or speculation of all the items that newscasters seem to think is so important. There is so much happening that if good and uplifting and this is not given enough attention by the main news companies.

For this reason I subscribe to Future Crunch, an Australian Team who sift through all the news and send out a weekly digest of positive activity around the globe. (They are having a winter break at the moment)

A wonderfully uplifting and spiritually positive film that is worth watching is The Time of the Sixth Sun. (They offer free viewings every now and then). It is very uniting. They have spoken with healers and shamans and some business advisors all over the world, all of them talking about the way forward as they see it, and there is so much unity in their thinking. The film does not focus on the global problems but looks toward the solutions. 

The solution, of course, is for all of us to find the courage to stand in our own sovereignty. To live, breathe and dream a world into existence that fulfils us. To live our own truth and not one that has been imposed upon us, that is someone else’s dream.

Finding our sovereignty starts by looking within and accepting who we are, standing in our truth. We find this in the Stillness, where we then find Peace, so that we acknowledge and take on our Beauty and, therein, we find Joy.

Blessings of this late summer season.