Autumn Introspection

The Autumn often invokes introspective thoughts. As we approach winter, we look back over the year and wonder at the things we have achieved and, maybe, the things we had hoped to achieve but which still remain unfinished.

There is nothing wrong with that. It may be that the unfinished projects were only there to give us impetus, propel us forward. As we progress along our path, we see things from another perspective and sometimes the destination needs to change for we are no longer the person we were when we set out. Autumn gives us pause to revisit the plans and the ideas we had and think again about the destination. Is it still relevant?

That might sound like an excuse for procrastination! But it is not an excuse to do nothing. It is always a good idea to revisit our plans and make sure that they still make our heart sing. If our heart is not singing then our path needs to change. Without a singing heart, we are in danger of going around in circles and creating our own future ruts. We may be in the Autumn of the year or the Autumn of our life, it is never too late to stop and rethink the plan.

I was certainly in the Autumn of my years before I found my true path. Before that, I had set my heart on other dreams and goals, many of which I accomplished, but which did not make my heart sing the way I had expected.

It is never too late to sow the seeds for a new way of being, a new style of living. And who knows what might grow if we just trust our instincts and follow our heart.