What is Geomancy?

Geomancy is about working with the energies in and around the Earth. Our planet has a huge system of lines and grids which humans used to understand and respect. These days, however, we have a habit of barging in and building what we want, where we want and this puts stress on the land. We call this geopathic stress.

Most houses will have been built on a site designated by town developers with no acknowledgement to the spirits that were living there. This causes displacement of the spirits and brings about confusion of purpose for the land itself. This, in turn, can create the kind of energy that is detrimental to humans trying to live in the new houses.

The areas affected by geopathic stress can vary from a certain seat in a room to a whole valley. Most of us will not be affected by the larger landscape anomalies unless we are in agriculture. For the majority of us, it will make itself known in more subtle ways: with strange and often upsetting dreams; by giving us a cold shiver in a certain spot; or by creating a room in our home where we just don’t feel comfortable no matter how much we change the colour or rearrange the furniture.

Other problems can also arise if there are energy lines passing through a home. These may cause illness, sleeplessness, or a general feeling of debility.

By and large, we will just get on with it usually by avoiding the place we do not like, but if it becomes too troublesome, we need to deal with it. If you are worried about ongoing and persistent problems within your home or garden, geomancy healing might be the answer.

Examples of Geomancy

Resident Ghost

I’d had a run of nightmares for a while and thought it was just pressure of work. But one night I dreamed I was being strangled.

“I tried to wake out of the dream but still felt I was being strangled and I saw a shadow bending over me. I shouted “No!” and it disappeared but I was quite shaken so I mentioned this to Donna and she came over the next day.

“A couple of months earlier, I had been having problems sleeping and had gone downstairs to lie on the sofa. As I settled down, I heard a voice saying, “Get out of my house!”
“Donna realised that the place where I had heard the voice was directly under the place where I sleep and checked for geopathic stress.

“It turned out that a ghost had taken up residence on a stress point under the living room and this was attracting other undesirable energies to the house causing my nightmares.
“With the ghost gone and the stress point moved out of the house, I have had good sleep and no more nightmares.

“I would like to thank Donna for all her wonderful healing work.”

HK, Chesham

Fire Dragon Line

I recently had so many problems with water and electricity in my house, happening all at once that I was very worried.

“A pipe in the airing cupboard had leaked sending a stream of water dripping through the ceiling into my sitting room light; the macerator in the downstairs loo stopped working; many taps about the house developed drips; and finally rainwater cascaded through the fusebox in my study!

“I asked Donna if she could investigate.

“She found an energy line running through my home which was very fiery. I then realised that my computer, which was sited in its path, was also subject to problems.

“Donna was able to negotiate with this Fire Dragon, as she called it, so that it now passes over my house instead of through it. This immediately changed the ‘feel’ of the house.

“Despite it being a busy time of year (end of December) I was able to find a maintenance company to come and sort out all the practical issues left in its wake.

“House and I are feeling much happier.”

JB, Marlow

Why I work as a Geomancer

It was Druidry that that helped me reconnect with the Earth. I learned to be far more respectful of her and all that she gives to us. I began to change a lot of old habits so that I could live more sustainably. Working shamanically made me aware that the strength of our bond with our environment has an affect on our well being.

After hearing Patrick MacMannawy speaking at a Shamanic Lands conference, I was keen to learn more and enrolled in his study course. He is a wonderfully modern shamanic practitioner, very grounded and yet very spiritual. His ability to connect with the land and listen to the spirits of place is very inspiring and empowering. It changed my approach to dealing with ghosts and other entities that get trapped or caught up in our modern way of life.

By and large, the spirits of place are happy to work with us, but we really need to learn to include them at the planning stage.

If you think you are experiencing geopathic stress

Consultations: Fees start at £40 depending upon complexity.

This fee is not inclusive of travel where necessary. However, in many cases it is not necessary for me to visit the site. Detailed maps and floor plans may be all that is necessary.