Spring Dedication

The Spring Equinox is a balance point between winter and summer here in the northern hemisphere. This means that the energy of expansion is all around us encouraging us to ‘get out and do’. This makes our current lockdown conditions doubly difficult to handle. On the upside it is perfect for gardeners and creatives to get their plans underway.

This Spring Equinox has coincided with a first quarter Moon – also a balance point between dark and full light. Since a lot of the work I do is in the liminal space, the space between this world and the spirit world, it felt right to publish my new site at this balance/between point. A big thank you goes to my dear friend Christine Cleere for checking the astrological implications of launching today.

The launching of anything new is a moment to be celebrated and so I make a dedication:

As I breathe the clear air,
So may I have clarity to help others.
As I see in the midday sun,
So may I see the way to offer healing.
As I drink the water of life,
So may I offer comforting balm.
As I walk upon this land,
So may I help others connect with the Earth.

Spring blessings be with you.