Spring Cleansing

Spring is associated with cleaning and clearing the home. After the year we have just been through, giving some attention toward spiritually cleansing our homes is probably a good idea.

I was reading an article in The Week about New Yorkers hiring spiritual healers to do just this. Unsurprisingly, the words ‘healer’ and ‘cleanse’ were placed between quotation marks, as was the term ‘positive energy’ with which room sprays were infused. But, maybe, it was the price tag of $700 that caused this article’s tone of derision.

It put me in mind of a ancient tradition handed down through our ancestors. This time of year, when the temperature begins to rise, they would open all the windows and doors, take a feather duster to all the cobwebs that had accumulated in the corners, pull out the furniture and sweep behind it, and generally removed the settled dust of winter letting in the fresh clean air from outside. They called it Spring Cleaning.

In these days of vacuum cleaners and other electrical appliances, these jobs tend to be done all year round as needed. But the idea of giving your home a spring cleanse is a good one. There is a difference between a general spring clean and a energetic home cleanse. Cleansing is about lightening the feeling of your home and shifting stuck or stagnant energy. This may happen as a result of the energy we put into our spring clean though, sometimes, as little more work is needed. If a room still feels sleepy or a bit dark, try opening the windows and making a loud noise into all the nooks and corners.

You can do this with a singing bowl, or bells, a drum, or even by clapping. Send your intent after the sound and ask any energy that is not helping your home to leave. Do this round the room and send anything you have collected out of the window and ask the wind to deal with it.

You can also do this with insence or essence spray. Choose quality ones made with real plants. The plants help to change the vibrational feel of a room. Just as with the noise, ask anything that is stuck and detrimental to the home to leave.

If you have done all of this and still feel that you have some dark shadows that need shifting, that’s when it’s time to call on the assistance of someone like me. And, I can assure you that I am a lot more reasonable than those healers in New York.