Autumn Introspection

The Autumn often invokes introspective thoughts. As we approach winter, we look back over the year and wonder at the things we have achieved and, maybe, the things we had hoped to achieve but which still remain unfinished. There is nothing wrong with that. It may be that the unfinished projects were only there to …

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Meadow Garden

Through The Meadow

There’s a beautifully meandering path that wends its way through July and August. From the solstice of the summer sun, passing the Lammas celebrations as the grain is gathered in and heading on towards the distant mists of autumn. These are lush days filled with ever more green leaves and sprinklings of bright summer star …

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A Solstice Mantra

Stillness | Peace | Beauty | Joy I have found these words very sustaining over this Solstice period and they became a mantra. The energy around us is at it’s peak now. It is like being filled right up to the brim and yet still more is coming and spilling over. What to do with …

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Bluebell Woods

Beltane Blessings

Beltane stands between Spring and Summer. Between the season of Air and Fire. We all know what strong winds can do to flames! It is this whipped up energy that is all around us now and we may be finding it very hard to handle. The celebration of Beltane coincides with the blooming of the …

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Spring Cleansing

Spring is associated with cleaning and clearing the home. After the year we have just been through, giving some attention toward spiritually cleansing our homes is probably a good idea. I was reading an article in The Week about New Yorkers hiring spiritual healers to do just this. Unsurprisingly, the words ‘healer’ and ‘cleanse’ were …

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Spring Dedication

The Spring Equinox is a balance point between winter and summer here in the northern hemisphere. This means that the energy of expansion is all around us encouraging us to ‘get out and do’. This makes our current lockdown conditions doubly difficult to handle. On the upside it is perfect for gardeners and creatives to …

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